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Wall Art at Educational Center Knowledge Tree

This year I received an exciting invitation from the Educational Center Knowledge Tree, a place where they do amazing things for the kids, to paint the place. The center has 3 rooms for study and 3 rooms for reading and playing. Every space will be painted accordingly to the kids age and room destination.

SO, I CHOSE BLUE! I chose blue for the first room I started to paint. Blue increases productivity. Cool hues cause the body to produce calming chemicals that actually slow down a person’s heart rate. Blue space environments offer benefits to a child’s mind and body. Also, blue space can lead to greater nature connection or environmental awareness in kids. A study from the UK collected student and teacher feedback found increased positive attitudes about school and friendships and greater environmental awareness among the benefits of the program.

Within such strong blue I’ve invited some storks. They are big, white, graceful and strong. I called them and they, nice and kind, came. They came together, all five to bring some messages. They also bring some ribbons to write messages that kids will never forget. The messages will follow, we are waiting for them.

So 5 majestic storks won this room. They are the guardians now and took under their wings all the kids that study here. We love them!

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