Professional Painter, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photoshop Expert.

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Estera art Osorhan

About me

Hi, I’m Estera, a professional painter, graphic designer, illustrator, and photoshop expert. I have a diploma in graphic arts, studied photography and film image at the University of Arts, I worked in 3D animation graphics and advertising.

Gallery Exhibitions

Dec 2019 – Brasov Artists Showcase at Europa Gallery, Brasov
Apr 2017 – “Art for Kids” at Reduta Cultural Center, Brasov
Mar 2015 – “Art for Kids” at Europa Gallery, Brasov
Mar 2014 – “Art for Kids” at Ceai et Caetera Tea House, Brasov
Nov 2013 – “Art for Kids” at Heidi Academy, Brasov
Apr 2013 – “Free Spirit” at Colaj Bistro, Brasov
Jan 2013 – “Free Spirit” at Simplicity Restaurant, Brasov
Jun 2009 – “Don’t forget to play” at Carturesti Bookstore, Bucharest
Sept 2008  – “Don’t forget to play” at Serendipity Tea House, Bucharest
Aug 2008 – “Don’t forget to play” –  George Baritiu Library, Brasov
Jul 2008 – Digital Art Print at British Center, George Baritiu Library, Brasov
May 2008 – “Don’t forget to play” at Hyperion Festival, Central University Library
Mar 2008  – “Don’t forget to play” at Novotel Hotel, Bucharest
Mar 2008 – “Don’t forget to play” hosted by the Romanian Union of Plastic Artists, Mezzanine Studio Hall, Brasov
Nov 2007  – Art Evening hosted by Her Excellency Martha Moszczenska, Ambassador of Canada to Romania, Bucharest
Oct 2006 – “Once Upon a Time” – XFuture Gallery, Sibiu


GEO SAIZESCU Award for image poetics in her creations, Hyperion University of Arts